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Tour Information:

  • Hiking through the Gorge can be physically demanding, and is not recommended for people with heart conditions, bad knees, ankles or in poor physical health.
  • Public and group tours are available to ages 7 and up only.
  • Good walking shoes and water are required.
  • Privately scheduled groups require a minimum of 10 participants, up to a maximum of 23.
  • Private tours must be scheduled around current tours with at least 3-4 weeks notice.
  • The tours automatically close when they become full at 23 participants.
  • The tours automatically close 24 hours before the tour begins.
  • Reservations are recommended to assure you a space.
  • Tours last 3 hours. There is no potable water in the Gorge.
  • Restrooms are located at the top, half way on the tour and at the bottom of the Gorge.
  • Participants must carry bottled water and are encouraged to bring a backpack so that their hands will be free.
  • No rock or fossil collecting are allowed on Gorge tours.
  • Tours will follow a designated route. Participants will not be allowed freedom to wander.
  • Everyone who enters the Gorge must sign a Liability Release Form prior to admittance.
  • Groups with children between 7 and 18 years old will be advised of adult chaperone to youth ratio requirements.
  • Children 7 and above are allowed with the following stipulations: Ages 7-10, one adult for every child, ages 11-15, one adult for every three children and ages 16-20, one adult for every five teens.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Most tours will begin at the GBRA property, 16029 South Access Rd. Between Hwy. 306 and FM 2673, take the South Access Rd. the property is located at the bottom of the Gorge, below the Dam.
  • Gate will be unlocked and your guide will meet you a half hour prior to the time of the tour.
  • Gate will be locked during and after your tour so please do not leave your car at the property after your tour.
  • GPS coordinates N29 51.777 W098 11.228
  • Questions please call 830-964-5424, Monday - Friday, 9-5pm.

The Canyon Lake Gorge is open to the public for guided tours only. Each tour is lead by a volunteer certified Gorge Preservation Society Guide with assistance from trained Docents.

Tours highlight the Power of Water theme with Goals that include increasing the visitor's understanding of the:

  1. Canyon Reservoir Project, and Canyon Lake Gorge through the partnership efforts between the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Gorge Preservation Society
  2. Geology of Central Texas
  3. Hydrogeology, especially the interconnectedness of groundwater and surface water
  4. Interrelationship between humans and the physical environment
  5. Process of biologic succession and introduce them to common plants and animals found in the natural communities of the Gorge.
  6. Appreciation and respect for the natural environment


Public Tours are posted on this website quarterly*. Use the Check Availability form on this page for scheduled tours.

Applicants will receive an e-mail paid confirmation automatically once tickets are purchased. Approximately one week prior to the Tour date, participants will receive a detailed e-mail reminder with relevant information, guidelines, directions and their Guide/Docent's name and phone contact.

Groups of ten or more participants may request their own tour. A Group Tour Request Form must be submitted at least four weeks in advance of the proposed tour date and are subject to scheduling considerations.

School group tours are limited to high school (grade 9 - 12) and college. At present, no elementary or middle school groups will be allowed to tour the Gorge.

Download Group Tour Request form

Download Liability Release form


Both Public and Group tour participants will be charged $10 per person, except:

- High School groups – no fee

- Universities and Scout groups - $5 per person.

* (Quarterly tours posted for months (Jan – Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sep, Oct – Dec)

Research groups requesting access to the Gorge should follow guidelines on the Research page.

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