The lagoon
100 million years of layers
100 million years of layers

it took 100 million years to create this site
The Glen Rose limestone throughout Central Texas was laid down during the Cretaceous Era over millions of years. But within a few weeks following the Flood Event of 2002 the Power of Water carved a gorge into the landscape below the Canyon Lake Spillway.

A true treasure was "unearthed":

  • Dramatic Vistas
  • Hidden Valley Fault (within the Balcones Fault Zone)
  • Geologic Formations
  • Beautiful Lagoons and Waterfalls
  • Trinity Aquifer in Action
  • Biologic Succession
  • Numerous Seeps and Springs
  • 110 million year old Dinosaur Tracks
  • Extensive Marine Fossil Diversity
  • Hydraulic Dynamics of Glen Rose Limestone


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For the protection of the Gorge and public safely, the Canyon Lake Gorge is open for Guided Tours Only.

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The Gorge Preservation Society (GPS) is a local citizen's group whose mission is to promote the enjoyment and conservation of this unique natural phenomenon by encouraging responsible, quality access opportunities through academic partnerships, economic initiatives and citizen involvement.

The GPS has partnered with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help achieve this goal. Join the GPS as we continue to develop resources, long-term plans, and promote educational endeavors.

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